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Right Ingredient Matters

Who We Are

Sunreap flour range is the answer to the long felt need of good quality, locally milled premium flour for Bengal. Sunreap offers various types of flour namely, Chakki Atta, Maida, Sooji, Chana Besan, Matar Besan and Chana Sattu.

The brand is owned by Nowrangroy Agro Private Limited. It is one of the most trusted names in the Food industry and a government-approved Star Export house for wheat flour in India. The company has milling expertise of over 25 years and is a top manufacturer and exporter of wheat flour, wheat grains and rice grains.

SUNREAP is the Retail arm of Nowarngroy.

Sunreap as a brand, has always focused on sourcing, milling and  delivering premium quality flour made from premium grains. We are consistently producing and serving our customers with flour milled to perfection using modern machinery and traditional practices. This makes all our products rich and aromatic in taste.

The Sunreap Promise

Advanced Grinding Techniques

Hygienic, automated packing system with no human touch

Sunreap’s superior demand management process ensures you always get to buy the latest and freshly-packed batch of atta packets.

Sunreap flour is milled locally in Kolkata, which ensures you are purchasing fresh and new stock every time. This is as good as milling wheat at your local chakki.

Quality Assurance at every stage of processing

100% pure, wholesome, and chemical-free food products

Focus on thorough cleaning of wheat grains before processing

Sunreap flour is free from human touch at any stage in its processing. Right from the time the wheat grains enter the grinding machines up to the time they comes out as packed pouches, every step is automated and free of human contact. This ensures both health and hygiene to the consumer.

Every Bite you take should be a step towards a healthier you!