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Whole Wheat Atta


Sooji is versatile and can be used to give snacks volume or crispiness, as desired.

Sunreap Sooji is made from a blend of premium wheat grains and has cleaner and larger granules, making your sweets and savouries wholesome and delicious!

Excellent sieving which ensures your Sooji is clean. Larger granules to give your dish the perfect texture. Healthy, Hygienic snacks for friends and family.



Premium Quality

Sunreap Sooji is made from a blend of premium-quality wheat grains to ensure consistent colour, texture, and size of the granules. The grinding techniques used ensure the wholesome nutrition of wheat is retained intact in every granule.

Roasted Sooji

Sunreap Sooji is pre-dried & roasted to ensure a long shelf life. This ensures your dish is soft or crispy, as desired.

Large Granules With No Impurities

Special cleaning & grinding process delivers large granule Sunreap Sooji and eliminates all impurities. As a result of this method Sunreap Sooji has no black specs.

Automated Small Packaging

Sunreap Sooji is manufactured in hygienic, automated packing system with no human touch to ensure natural goodness. The special packaging size helps in consuming fresh sooji.

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Ingredients :
100% Whole Wheat
No preservatives added

Packaging Size :  500 gms, 2oo gms, 100 gms

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