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Whole Wheat Atta

Chana Besan

High Fibre, High Protein, Hygienically Processed.

Sunreap brings to you Chana Besan (gram flour) made from 100% pure Chana Dal.It has high fibre and high protein with rich natural aroma.It is hygienically processed and packed to maintain its freshness, taste and color.Savour the wholesomeness of Sunreap Besan and make your food delicious.



Advanced Grinding Technique

Advanced & slow grinding technique is used  to ensure that all the nutrition is preserved in Sunreap Chana Besan

100% Pure Chana Dal

Sunreap Chana Besan is made of 100% Pure Chana Dal. We follow a quality assurance process ensuring every grain is of premium quality.

Fluffy & Flavourful

The slow grinding of Chana Dal makes Sunreap Chana Besan fluffy, aromatic and tasty.

Automated Small packaging

Sunreap Chana Besan is manufactured in hygienic, automated packing system with no human touch to ensure natural goodness. The special packaging size helps in consuming fresh besan.

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Ingredients :
100% Whole Wheat
No preservatives added

Packaging Size :  500 gms, 2oo gms

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